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Technique Definition of Technique by Merriam-Webster.
1: the way in which basic physical movements or skills are used The players practiced basic techniques. 2: the ability to use basic physical movements and skills The pianist is admired for her technique. 3: a way of doing something using special knowledge or skill Here's' a good technique to help you relax.
Technique Wikipedia.
Look up technique or techniques in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Technique or techniques may refer to.: The Techniques, a Jamaican rocksteady vocal group of the 1960s. Technique band, a British female synth pop band in the 1990s. Technique album, by New Order, 1989.
TECHNIQUE meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
On the other hand, organic production techniques, particularly crop rotation, can reduce risk in the longer term. From the Cambridge English Corpus. They contain a wealth of detail about teaching techniques and relationships between pupils and between pupils and staff.
Technique definition and meaning Collins English Dictionary.
Experts say the new method could replace techniques that use blood or saliva samples. The Sun 2015. There are different techniques to get various sounds. The Sun 2011. One of the main techniques employed is talking to the" empty chair."

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