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Technique Definition of Technique by Merriam-Webster.
technique tek-nk Kids Definition of technique. 1: the way in which basic physical movements or skills are used The players practiced basic techniques. 2: the ability to use basic physical movements and skills The pianist is admired for her technique.
Technique Wikipedia.
Look up technique or techniques in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Technique or techniques may refer to.: The Techniques, a Jamaican rocksteady vocal group of the 1960s. Technique band, a British female synth pop band in the 1990s. Technique album, by New Order, 1989.
TECHNIQUE meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
a way of doing something that needs skill or thought.: technique for doing sth You need to develop techniques for dealing with staff who have performance problems. Definition of technique from the Cambridge Business English Dictionary Cambridge University Press. Examples of technique.
Technique definition and meaning Collins English Dictionary.
What follow are a number of different techniques designed to help you do this. Pete Cohen and Sten Cummins with Jennai Cox HABIT BUSTING: A 10-step plan that will change your life 2002. The training techniques employed by instructors running obedience classes are usually very insistent.

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