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Company Definition of Company by Merriam-Webster.
an unincorporated company formed under applicable state statute whose members cannot be held liable for the acts, debts, or obligations of the company and that may elect to be taxed as a partnership. an insurance company whose capital is owned by its policyholders.
COMPANY meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
set up/found/establish a company They want to set up a company selling children's' clothing. run/own a company She runs a company designing interactive computer programmes, websites, and CD-ROMS. dissolve/liquidate a company This flowchart shows the steps you need to take in order to liquidate your company.
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Company Wikipedia.
A company, abbreviated as co., is a legal entity representing an association of people, whether natural, legal or a mixture of both, with a specific objective. Company members share a common purpose and unite to achieve specific, declared goals. Companies take various forms, such as.:
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Company formats Belgium.be.
What status should I choose? A sole trader as a natural person or a company as a legal entity? What type of company should I choose? NV a public limited company, BV a private limited company, VZW a non-profit association, etc.

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